Q. What is the load capacity of the CBN-45RU-81FS Free Standing cabinet?

A. The CBN-45RU-81FS has a stationary load capacity of 1000KG’s. For load capacity of other cabinets sizes and other information please refer to our website for all technical data.

Q. Could you please provide termination instructions for RJ45-8P8C-C610-PT Pass-Through RJ45 crimp connectors?

A. Termination Instructionals are available on the Serveredge website. Please follow this link to:

Q. Do Serveredge Switched PDU’s support SNMP V1, V2, V3, protocols?

A. Serveredge Switched PDU’s support SNMP V1 protocols. The NEW range of Serveredge Elite Series PDU’s support SNMP V1, V2, V3, protocols. The Elite Series PDU’s will be available in 2 port and 8 port versions and will be in stock in the Melbourne warehouse early in 2023.

Q. Can the Serveredge Wall Mount Cabinets door be hinged from the left hand side?

A. Yes, All Serveredge cabinets are designed to reverse the door hinges and locking mechanism. Please be aware that the Serveredge SE logo will need to be relocated, this can be easily done by heating the logo backing adhesive with a heat gun.

Q. What RJ45 crimp connector is recommended for the Serveredge Outdoor CAT6A cable, C6AJEUTSL305-BK?

A. Serveredge recommend the RJ45-8P8C-C6ASHLD-10 crimp connector and RJ45C6A-BOOT7.0D-CLR-10 Strain Relief Boots, alternatively if you require a more industrial connect Serveredge recommend either the RJ45-IPC6A-SH Inline Field Connector or the RJ45-IPC6A-SH-ANG Right Angles Field Connector.

Q. What cables are required for the KR08VU 8 Port KVM?

A. Serveredge recommend the KRC02VUP 3 in 1 cable, alternatively the KR08UK comes complete with 8 x KRC02VUP 3 in 1 cables as a Kit.

Q. I am looking for a PDU with port-to-port monitoring of power consumption, is this something Serveredge provides?

A. Serveredge recommend the SEDG-8PSW-PP-C13, it is a switched PDU that provides Port to Port Monitoring, so you can monitor power consumption on each individual output.

Please Note: These are in run out, they will be replaced with the new Elite Series PDU’s in the coming months