Terms of Limited Warranty
As provided herein, Serveredge warrants that during the Warranty Period (as defined below) the Product:
• is free of defects in material and workmanship; and
• conforms to the descriptions contained in any applicable certified drawings for such Product, to Serveredge's final invoices, and to applicable Serveredge Product brochures and manuals current as of the date of Product shipment (“Descriptions”)

Warranty Period
A period of two (2) years for electrical components and twenty five (25) years on metal fabrication from the Product shipment date. Product shipment date is determined from the date of invoice. For Structure cabling projects the warranty period shall be increased to twenty five (25) years from the Product shipment date upon Product Warranty Certification, provided structured cabling certification is completed within 28 days of project completion.

If any part or portion of the Serverdge Product fails to conform to the Warranty within the Warranty Period, Serveredge, at its option, will furnish new or factory re-manufactured Products for repair or replacement of that failed portion or part. REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF A DEFECTIVE PRODUCT OR PART THEREOF DOES NOT EXTEND OR RESTART THE ORIGINAL WARRANTY PERIOD. Serveredge does not control the use of any Product and, accordingly, materials classified as “Descriptions” are NOT WARRANTIES OF PERFORMANCE and NOT WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Who is Covered
This Warranty extends to the original end-user (the “User”).

This Warranty is not transferable or assignable without the prior written permission of Serveredge. This Warranty is given ONLY to purchasers who buy for commercial or industrial use in the ordinary course of business.

Serveredge assigns to User any warranties which are made by manufacturers and suppliers of components of, or accessories to, the Serveredge Product and which are assignable, but Serveredge makes NO REPRESENTATIONS as to the effectiveness or extent of such warranties, assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any matters which may be warranted by such manufacturers or suppliers and extends no coverage under this Warranty to such components or accessories.

Warranty Claims Procedure and Services
Within thirty (28) days after User’s discovery of a defect, User must contact Serveredge at 1300 335 797 and provide all material information relating to such alleged defect.

Serveredge, in its sole discretion, shall either repair or replace defective Products. For Products to be repaired, Serveredge will issue a RETURN MATERIALS AUTHORIZATION (“RMA”) number. The RMA number must appear on the packing slip, proof of purchase, AND ON THE OUTSIDE OF EACH SHIPPING CARTON for any authorized returned Product. Serveredge will designate a shipping address (“Ship To Address”) that must be used for each authorized returned Product. Serveredge shall pay all freight charges to the designated Ship To Address for each authorized returned Product. Unauthorized returns or collect shipments will be refused.

Items Not Covered
THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER DAMAGE OR DEFECT CAUSED BY misuse, general wear and tear, improper application, wrong or inadequate electrical current or connection, negligence, inappropriate on site operating conditions, repair by non-Serveredge designated personnel, accident in transit, tampering, alterations, a change in location or operating use, corrosive atmosphere, exposure to the elements, Acts of God, theft or installation contrary to Serveredge’s recommendations or specifications, or in any event if the Serveredge serial number has been altered, defaced, or removed.

THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER shipping costs, Product installation/removal costs, travel costs, external circuit breaker resetting or maintenance or service items and further, except as may be provided herein, does NOT include labor costs or transportation, arising from the replacement of the Serveredge Product or any part thereof or charges to remove or reinstall same at any premises of User, nor for site inspections that determine no corrective action was required nor any other services not expressly provided for by the terms of the Warranty. Consumables, including but not limited to air filters, are not covered by this Warranty.

THIS WARRANTY IS VOID UPON THE FOLLOWING: (1) the Product having been stored in an unsuitable environment after Product shipment, (2) if applicable, Product start-up and commissioning performed by a third party other than Serveredge authorized representatives. No salesperson, employee or agent of Serveredge is authorized to add to or vary the terms of this Warranty.

Serveredge retains the right to cancel the Warranty, subject to reinstatement at Serveredge’s sole discretion, for late or non-payment of the Product purchase price and any other amounts due. Warranty terms may only be modified, if at all, if in writing and signed by a Serveredge authorized officer.