Armoured Loose Tube Cable - Series Alpha


XX = Core No. | YYY = Mode(OM1, OM3, OM4, OS2)


Series Alpha nylon jacket dielectric armoured rodent proof loose tube fibre cable is suited to external underground installations in ducts by pulling, jetting or floating techniques or by direct burial in open-cut trenches. Armoured loose tube is particularly suited to areas where rodents are an issue.

Loose tube cable offers a cost-effective and rugged solution for medium and long distance external fibre runs.

Series Alpha nylon jacket dielectric rodent proof loose tube cable is available in OM1, OM3, OM4 and OS2.




• Underground ducts
• Direct buried fibre links
• Inter-building links
• Campus fibre networks
• Infrastructure and industrial fibre links




• Bonded double jacketed construction
• Protective peripheral fibreglass reinforced polymer strength members provide excellent strength and complete protection from rodents
• Insect resistant nylon outer and UV stabilised polyethelene inner jacket for long life in a wide range of installations
• Water swellable yarns provide protection against water ingress (dry core construction)
• Non-metallic construction
• Fibreglass reinforced polymer central strength member
• Flexible buffer tubes provide easy handling within termination enclosures
• Single layer SZ stranding limits stress on fibre tubes
• Fibre friendly thixotropic gel in tubes ensures fibre protection
• TIA 598 standard colour code
• 12 fibre tube construction

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