Pre-terminated Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies - Series Alpha


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Pre-terminated fibre optic cable assemblies present an efficient and effective cable deployment option for any size of fibre optic network. High precision factory terminations, coupled with exceptional quality cable in a range of constructions and styles and fully factory tested terminations ensure peace of mind and rapid deployment.




• Data Centre, SAN & Enterprise networks
• Campus & site networks
• Remote locations including minesites & drilling fields
• Dangerous environments where splicing equipment is restricted
• Installations requiring rapid turnaround
• Plug and play networks




• Compact multifibre terminations available up to 144 fibres
• Low losses due to quality factory terminations and premium connectors
• Rapid deployment time with preconnectorised assemblies - simply plug and play
• Compact size breakout units improve space management in high density applications
• A variety of cable constructions available including loose-tube, tight buffered riser, round mini & ribbon
• Available termination options include a range of simplex, duplex and multifibre connectors
• Optional integrated connector sheath limits potential damage during hauling and installation
• Eliminates the need for splicing equipment


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