Serveredge 24 Port 10/100/1000Base TX, PoE, 4 x 10Gigabit SFP, Managed Ethernet Switch

SKU: NS-24UGP-410G

The Serveredge NS-24UGP-410G, 24-Port 10 Gigabit PoE with 4 x SFP Managed Network Switch, is an advanced powerhouse solution designed to meet the demanding networking needs of modern businesses. With 24 ports operating at lightning-fast Gigabit Ethernet speeds, this switch delivers unparalleled performance and throughput for data-intensive applications, high-speed file transfers, and multimedia streaming.


Equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, this switch provides seamless power and data transmission to PoE-compatible devices, eliminating the need for separate power sources and simplifying installation. From IP cameras and wireless access points to VoIP phones and IoT devices, this switch offers convenient power delivery to a wide range of devices, reducing cable clutter and increasing deployment flexibility.


Featuring 4 SFP 10 Gigabit (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) slots, this switch enables the integration of fibre optic connectivity into your network infrastructure. Benefit from the extended reach and improved bandwidth offered by fibre optic cables, ensuring reliable data transmission over long distances and enhancing your network's scalability.


With advanced management capabilities, this switch puts you in control of your network. Through a user-friendly management interface, you can configure VLANs, QoS (Quality of Service) settings, link aggregation, and other essential features to optimize network performance, prioritize critical applications, and ensure seamless connectivity for all devices. With comprehensive management and monitoring tools, you can easily troubleshoot and maintain your network with confidence.



  • 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed connectivity
  • PoE support for easy power delivery to compatible devices
  • 4 x SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) slots
  • Advanced management capabilities, puts you in control of your network
  • Plug-and-play functionality for seamless network integration
  • Energy-efficient operation to reduce power consumption
  • Sturdy construction and fanless design for quiet operation
  • Ideal for small, medium, and large-sized businesses, offices, or home networks



  • Add a variety of IPv6 Based Applications to easily adapt to modern and complex network management applications.
  • Support IEEE 802.lQ VLAN, and users can divide VLANs flexibly according to their needs.
  • Support voice VLAN, configure QoS parameters for voice data stream, improve transmission priority of voice data stream and ensure call quality.
  • Support QoS, support three priority modes based on port, 802.lp and DSCP, and optimize bandwidth configuration.
  • Support ACL, filter data packets by configuring matching rules, processing operations and time permissions, and provide flexible security access control policies.
  • Support NVMP Vl / V2 / V3 multicast protocol and NVMP snooping to meet the requirements of multi terminal HD video monitoring and video conference access.
  • Support multicast VLAN and multicast filtering, efficiently transmit data, save network bandwidth and reduce network load.
  • Support port monitoring, copy a data packet of the monitored port to the monitoring port to realize network monitoring.
  • Support equipment management and maintenance through web interface.
  • Support port aggregation, effectively increase link bandwidth, realize link backup and improve link reliability.




Fixed Port                                      24 10/100/1000 Base-TX

                                                        4 10000M SPF

PoE Port                                         1-2 Ports support PoE IEEE802.3 af/at/poe++/BT (port output HiPoE_90W max)                                                         

                                                        3-24 Ports support PoE IEEE802.3 af/at (port output HiPoE_30W max)         

                                                        Total PoE Budget 350W                                                

Reset Key                                       1 Port

Exchange Content                        256Gbps

Packet Forwarding Rate              92.32Mbps

MAC                                               16K

Transmission Mode                     Store and Forward (full line speed)

Operating Temperature              -20°C ~ 55°C

Storage Temperature                  -40°C ~ 75°C

Operating Humidity                    5% ~ 90% No Condensation

Storage Humidity                         5% ~ 95% No Condensation

Product Dimensions                    440 x 290 x 45mm

Package Dimensions                   515 x 375 x 95mm

Input Voltage                               100 ~ 240V AC 50/60Hz

Overall Power Consumption     ≤400W

YOU'RE REVIEWING: Serveredge 24 Port 10/100/1000Base TX, PoE, 4 x 10Gigabit SFP, Managed Ethernet Switch

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