Serveredge PCI-E Gigabit 1000Base-SX SC 850nm Multimode fibre Network Adapter -550m


2 Years
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Gigabit PCI-E optical fibre network card is a support PCI-E bus, can be managed Gigabit Ethernet card. This card is able to provide for the user's computer in the fast Ethernet network reliable fibre optic connections, particularly suitable for on the access point information distance beyond five line access distance (1m), can completely replace the current widely used RJ45 Ethernet interface card external network structure of the photoelectric conversion device, for users provide reliable fibre to households and fibre to the desktop solutions. The user can choose the optical fibre interface parameters (including the connection head, single / multimode  optical fibre, working distance, etc).



* Plug and play (and play plug)

* Compatible with 8 2.3z 1 Base-SX IEEE / 1 Base-LX Ethernet standards

* 1 Mbps Ethernet Fibre Access, can work in full / half duplex mode can provide the bandwidth of 2 Mbps

* PCI-E 1.1 standard compatible

* Support 8 2.3x IEEE flow control

* Support IP unicast, broadcast, multicast address filtering mechanism

* Support priority queue

* Support 8 2.1Q/VLAN IEEE tag

* Support IP multicast packet filtering, reduce the share of CPU with advanced management skills

* SFP type hot plug design, dual SC optical interface



Network protocols and standards for product support:

802.3Z 1000Base-SX IEEE / 1000Base-LX Ethernet standard
802.3x IEEE flow control protocol
802.1Q VLAN IEEE tag
VLAN GVRP registration protocol
802.1p IEEE priority control
ACPI 2 advanced configuration and power management interface
PCI-E 1.1 standard

Working wavelength and transmission distance of optical fibre port:

Single mode fibre, single wavelength 1310nm, 10-20km
Single mode fibre, dual wavelength 1310nm/1550nm, 20/40/60km
Double fibre single mode, single wave length 1310nm or 1550nm, 20/40/60/km
Dual fibre multimode, single wavelength 850nm, 275-550m


         Windows 95 / 98 / Microsoft 98 XP/Vista/Windows7 SE / 2000
         NT Microsoft 3.51 / 4
         Windows for Workgroups Microsoft 3.11
         Windows CE.NET Microsoft 4 / 4.2
         Client for DOS Microsoft
         2/3/4/5 driver NDIS
         For DOS driver ODI
         32 ODI bit LAN driver

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